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Are you searching for professional psychological or counseling services for you or a loved one? Do you need couples counseling, family counseling, menthal health counseling, or another counseling service? Call Gordon A. Harris Ph.D. & Associates, Inc. We have offices in Dayton and Greenville where we provide a wide variety of services to diagnose or treat a wide range of problems. Get started today by calling 937-274-2226 or 927-548-8271, or find an office near you.

Receive psychological evaluations and assessments

If you or a loved one is struggling, diagnosis is the first step toward treatment. We offer a variety of diagnostic and testing services that will allow you to better understand your condition. From diagnostic interviews to learning disability, dyslexia and ADHD testing, we'll diagnose the psychological condition and offer the right treatment.

5 signs it's time to see a counselor

Not sure if you need mental health counseling? Here are five common reasons why people seek professional help:

  1. You've lost your energy and motivation. Nothing feels good anymore. Our counselors will help you through it.
  2. You feel stressed, nervous or fearful. You don't want to be around people or participate in your usual activities.
  3. Your friends or family are concerned about you. Your loved ones know you best. If they think you should see a psychologist, book an appointment.
  4. You don't enjoy your relationship anymore. Are you losing passion for your loved one? Learn how to make changes so you can enjoy your relationship again.
  5. Your child is having problems at school and you're not sure why. If your child is having academic or behavioral problems, let us help find the cure and what can be done to help.

There are plenty of reasons to see a psychologist. If you're ready to seek mental health help in the Dayton or Greenville, Ohio areas, call Gordon A. Harris Ph.D. & Associates.

Our psychological evaluation and counseling services are backed by four decades of experience

Finding a counselor or psychologist you can trust is almost never easy. If you live near Dayton or Greenville, call the professionals at Gordon A. Harris Ph.D. & Associates. Our practice has been in operation since 1978-that's nearly 40 years of experience diagnosing and treating patients in our area. Call one of our locations listed below to book an appointment.

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