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You don’t have to cope with mental health issues alone. Effective psychological counseling is just a call away! Residents in Dayton and Greenville trust the counselors at Gordon A. Harris Ph.D. & Associates, Inc. We’ve been serving clients since 1978—that’s nearly 40 years of effective counseling services.

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Gordon A. Harris Ph.D. & Associates offers the following mental health therapy services to clients in the Greenville and Dayton, OH areas:

  • Individual therapy: Open up confidentially on a personal level.
  • Play therapy: Play techniques and therapeutic games are used in addition to talking to help children with their problems.
  • Parent counseling: Raise your children in a healthy setting. Resolve problems between parents or between parent(s) and child.
  • Family therapy: Work on family issues in a safe environment.
  • Marital or couples therapy: Resolve the problems that are disrupting your marriage or relationships.

In addition to these services, Gordon A. Harris Ph.D. & Associates specializes in psychoeducational tutoring. This method of psychological treatment utilizes special remedial methods to help children and adults with learning disabilities cope with real-world problems. Call us now at one of our locations below to schedule an appointment.

Dayton, OH: 937-274-2226
Greenville, OH: 927-548-8271